Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hidden Treasure

Proverbs 2: 4-5

4 and if you look for it as for silver
   and search for it as for hidden treasure,
5 then you will understand the fear of the LORD
   and find the knowledge of God.

I work with small children. One of the things I have done in the past is to put pretend gold coins in the playground sandbox and let the children know there is hidden treasure in it.  It's very interesting to see how different the children are in their approach to finding this very special treasure.  They all start out digging eagerly...each of them incredibly excited as the first few gold coins are found.  Then, a few children leave because they see other things that catch their interest like the bikes or the balls.  A few more leave because their friends beckon them.  Sometimes it's hot out and it becomes too much work to keep digging. But, every now and then their is a child will go out day after day in search of this treasure.  I can remember one 4 year old young lady who was excited to search each and every day.  She was even more excited when she found out the treasure was hers to keep!  She would carry a bag outside each day and dig in different parts of the sandbox (it was very large). By the end of the school year this little girl had filled a large ziploc bag with gold coins and other trinkets I put out.  Her desire to find these special treasures was great and her persistence paid off.

Many times in my life in my quest to get to know God better I've been like the first children...very enthusiastic at first but waylaid by the distractions, by other people and by just being plain tired! I want to be like the last little girl.  I want those hidden treasures in the Bible to be mine to keep forever.

How many of you think of God's word as a hidden treasure?

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  1. This is awesome!!
    I love that you do that for the kids and I really like the analogy here.
    Thanks for sharing this and for reading with me. :)

  2. great post Stacy, thanks for stopping by Sitting At His Feet Ministries